Lasar Segall – A visionary for the sufferers

With changes in places and circumstances, Lasar Segall demonstrated striking alterations of artistic approach. But all throughout his oeuvre, his subjects remained the same, maintaining his identity as an original visionary for the sufferers. A Visionary for the sufferers since childhood Lasar Segall was born on 21st July 1891 in Lithuania. In the streets where …

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The Surreal Art of Taonga

The Māori people believed that objects of treasure (taonga) need to have personal stories attached to them. In this way, they remain connected to the owners. The surreal art of taonga emerged from such a practice. But how can modern historians decipher such codes and completely understand their values, when much of the Māori culture …

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The Origin of Ukiyo-e Art

Focus on Forms The earliest painters who gave rise to the tradition of Ukiyo-e were inspired by the Yamato-e style of Japanese paintings. The Yamato-e style of painting presented stylized human figures. Also, it focused less on facial expressions and stressed on overall form instead. This was then developed with bright colors. Such focus on …

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